Visual Art

Arts on a Roll currently offers the following Visual Art activities. If you want to tailor an activity to your specific event or want an activity that’s off this list, please Email Arts on a Roll or call 301-446-3232. New activities are added as they become available. For fee information, please visit the Arts on a Roll Fees page.

Color Concepts & Mixing

Have you ever wondered how, from only three primary colors, artists are able to create vast detailed landscapes or wonderfully lifelike portraits? Well, wonder no more! With Color Concepts and Mixing, you will learn the techniques behind color theory and how to make the colors you want to use.

Recommended age range: 7 and up
Max capacity: 25 participants.

Fundamentals of Painting

From fantastical water colors to enrapturing works of acrylic on canvas, paintings have the power to captivate and inspire in a way that is unique and inspirational. For anyone interested in beginning to explore this exciting world creative opportunity, the Fundamentals of Painting workshop is for you! In this exciting first step into the world of painting, you will learn the fundamental techniques that truly awe-inspiring works of art are built upon.

Recommended age range: 7 and up
Max capacity: 25 participants

Sketching and Drawing 
Pencils are for more than just math problems. In Arts on a Roll’s Sketching and Drawing workshop participants will learn the techniques of drawing one of many different subjects, such as posable figures, the human face, landscapes, and buildings.
Recommended age: 8 and up

Mosaic Tiles
Not just for your kitchen floor, tiles are a beautiful and unique medium in which to create captivating works of art! Learn the basics of cutting, placing, and gluing glass and porcelain tiles to produce a mosaic masterpiece.
Recommended age: 13 and up

Use printing ink and traditional block printing techniques to create beautiful prints of your own design. Recommended age: 5 and up

STEAM Workshops

3d pens

Why stick to paper when you can draw amazing works of art in 3D? Use our 3D pens to design, doodle, and draw real 3 dimensional creations.
Recommended age: 8 and up 


Combine foam, fabric, and LED technology to create and illuminating result. Magic happens when circuits and sewing collide.
Recommended age: 8 and up 


Create incredible structures and abstract works of art with our highly versatile Build-it! Disks™
Recommended age: 8 and up