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Injustice Syst_Gochman_-_Red_Sands_Project_3

(In)Justice Systems

March 25 – May 18
Reception: Saturday, March 30, 5-8 pm

Curated by artist, curator, and educator Erin Devine, this exhibition presents the investigations of a group of contemporary artists as they explore the impact of mass incarceration on prisoners, families, and communities the United States­—which holds the highest incarceration rate in the world. The exhibit also seeks to provide a space for broader meanings of “incarcerations” that are global, racial, and gendered, with works that engage community action, spatial concepts, and history.

Abstract painting with color

Character Abstraction

June 3 – August 17
Reception: Saturday, June 8, 5-8 pm

CHARACTER ABSTRACTION is a group exhibition that applies non-representational art-making methods across different disciplines to create unique narratives, defining abstraction in more organic terms. This exhibition will carry ingredients of coy, silliness, overzealousness, behaviorism and calm, redirecting line, form, and color to find a more humanistic process of interpretation.

Featuring the work of Ian Jehle, Isabel Manolo,
Judy Southerland, and Olivia Tripp Morrow.